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I love Earthbound, It's one of my most favorite games. So I went out into town to find a copy, Sadly I couldn't find a copy so I went to the second option and got a Emulator and a controler converter.So I waited untill night to play it because of the atmosphere of the game. I started with the normal names like Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo, Dog named King, Steak and Rockin.

I started to use the Debug code of the items, I know how to get around most of the debug because I played this game at a friends house. I wandered into a part where I dont really know, So the game started to glitch up. What would happen is it would go on the game over screen and whenever I would pick yes it would repeat and go back to the Game over screen.

So I reseted the rom and the save file was gone. Oh well I will just play this game like normal. The game was a little diffrent like Ness was acting odd. I just shrug it off pretending it was nothing. Then I got to Happy Happy Village it was Blue, the whole place.
It got on my nerves that the was blue, also the music was slowed down and at a lower tone.
After Happy Happy town nothing was diffrent to the normal game and I hoped that would stay the same, well I was so verry wrong.

I got all the way to Saturn Valley and I like the Mr. Saturns I find them cute. But now I don't anymore... When I talked to them they didn't say there cute "Boing Boing" thing, in fact they wouldn't say anything.

So I got to the famous boss, Giygas and it skipped the first form and went to the second one. Everyone except Ness was at 0 HP. Then Giygas's text box apeared and it said "Why did you do it? Why? Why? Why?" The word ITAI started spaming the text box. Then the animation for the move "You can not grasp the true form of Giygas attack!" happend and it hit Ness and made his HP from 200 to 0 HP.

then it did the glitch of were it would go on the game over screen and it would be stuck on it. So I reset the Rom and again the save was gone. I started again but this time I was in Saturn Valley but the whole place was horrible. The ground was Darkish Green and the pond was blood red. But what got me the most was the Saturn's had blood on them.
I know this is Cliché but this is true, they were crying blood. So I went and talked to Dr. Saturn but his name wasn't Dr. Saturn it was Dr. Satan. He said nothing and I was teleported to Giygas's Lair. I started to walk to the end of Giygas's Lair. After some time I still wasn't at the end. So I started to get hungry.

So after having something to eat, I came back to the game. This time Giygas's Lair was like it was almost completely real. I tried to record it but words would come up it would say "This will be" and it would not let me record. So I got to the end and this time it skipped to form three. Then Again Then Giygas's text box apeared and it said
"Why did you do it? Why? Why did you abort me Sophie? We could of had fun, you even had a name for me you were going to call me Calvin" How did it know my name, how did it know that I aborted my baby and what his name was? Then yet again the animation for the move "You can not grasp the true form of Giygas attack!" happend and it hit Ness and made his HP from 200 to 0 HP.

I was back at Saturn Valley yet all the Saturn's were gone. Then a Dark coloured Ness came up to the Normal Ness and a text box apeared it read: "Sayonara myself" then my computer turned off, but my on light on my laptop was still on. So I tried to turn it off but that didn't work. I unplugged the power cord so I could let it go flat, I went and had a shower while I waited for my laptop to go flat.

When I finished having my shower I went back into my room and there was something on my screen, I ran over confused. On my screen was me, I had dark toned colour like the dark ness. It (I'll call the on screen me It from now on.) stuck out it's tongue (Which is long) and it was very very Dry. Then it grabbed it's tongue and it started pulling it. It was screaming, in fact it sounded more like a screeching then screaming. Then it ripped off its tongue and Blood started to fill the screen untill it drowned in the blood, then A text appeared and it said "This will be our Secret, Okay?" Then My laptop got blue screen, then it went flat.

I asked the site where I got the rom and they all said that there was no Earthbound rom for download on that site.
Earthbound Rom
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